Ziggy Stardust

“Ziggy Stardust” - David Bowie - Glam Rock - 1972

Ziggy Stardust -- much like David Bowie -- was a rock star who played guitar left-handed. But the two aren’t one and the same.

Both were geniuses. Both were world-famous. But only one acted as a messenger for extraterrestrial beings.

(Officially, at least.)

Our Ziggy Stardust sundae is a reverent homage to all things sci-fi and space travel. It began with a simple question: What would another world taste like?

Our answer: Cold, like eucalyptus or the depths of deep space. Refreshing, like cool mint or the expanses of a faraway galaxy. And richly dense, like dark chocolate or the mind-bogglingly powerful gravity of a planet.

Featuring minty alien macarons, intergalactic chocolate shards and moon rock-esque chocolate sponge cake, this sundae showcases delicious contrasts.

Like the weightlessness of zero-gravity, it’s light and aerated. Like the incomprehensible masses of far-out heavenly bodies, it’s rich and dense.

That’s a contradiction that both Ziggy and David would appreciate.


Join us this weekend, June 23 + 24, and treat yourself to one of these out-of-this-world glam rock sundaes!