The form-5 beta crystal structure is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, formed through the controlled melting, and subsequent cooling (tempering) of liquid chocolate.
BETA5 chocolates are produced in small batches using sustainable, direct trade plantation chocolates and premium ingredients. Careful alignment of the BETA5 matrix results in our chocolates’ distinctive shine and crisp snap.



BETA5 is a contemporary and innovative chocolate and pastry shop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We were named as One of North America’s Top Ten Chocolatiers, have received numerous International Chocolate Awards, and have been recognized nationally and internationally for our work. We meld art and science, and emphasize technical precision and design to create visually stunning products that showcase the flavours of the premium ingredients we work with.

Taste, complexity, and ethics are important to us, and we only use directly traded artisanal chocolates; the cacao is grown under ethical and sustainable conditions by skilled farmers, and their crop is directly purchased and roasted by an artisanal French manufacturer. Then, it makes its way to us where we create different treats by combining it with the most special produce and nuts we can find. Whenever possible, these ingredients are local and organic. We believe that fresh is best, and we are fortunate to work directly with a number of tremendous farmers who enable us to create chocolate and pastry products that highlight our local agricultural region.

We are constantly influenced by nature and industrial landscapes. Our workshop and storefront are located in an industrial area on the edge of downtown Vancouver, with a breathtaking view of the North Shore Mountains. The juxtaposition between nature and industrial landscapes guides our creative process, and has influenced our design collaborations.



Adam Chandler:

As Pastry Chef / Chocolatier and Co-Owner of BETA5, Adam Chandler’s fascination with chocolates and pastry stems from his desire to combine science and art to create innovative, flavourful, and aesthetically powerful edible creations. Adam completed his formal culinary and pastry training at Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, and further refined his chocolate and pastry skills in France and Belgium. Over the course of his career, Adam has worked in all aspects of pastry arts, from breads to fine dining. In 2011, after helping to open the Fairmont Pacific Rim for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Adam launched BETA5 with the intention of pushing the boundaries of chocolate and pastry. He has since been named one of North America’s Top Ten Chocolatiers (2012), one of Western Living Magazine’s Top 40 Foodies Under 40, has received numerous medals at the International Chocolate Awards (2012-2014), and has been recognized internationally for his innovative creations. Adam finds constant inspiration in nature and in the industrial neighbourhood where BETA5 is based.

Jessica Rosinski:

Curious about concept innovation, Jessica Rosinski, Co-Owner and Sales + Marketing Director at BETA5, tends to ask questions that hint at her background in academia and research, and her fascination with art making. She steers BETA5’s social media, brand development, and is the official Chocolate R&D taste tester.

Adam and Jessica have one child, and can be found in the woods, in their veggie garden, or at the beach when they're not at BETA5. They hunt down chocolate and pastry shops when they travel, and feel immensely fortunate to make sweet treats for a living. They met as rebellious undergraduates and have been dreaming up projects together for over a decade.