“Imagine” - John Lennon - Folk - 1971

Featuring a simple melody, a slow beat and a radical proposition -- John Lennon’s “Imagine” is one of the most instantly recognizable songs in modern pop.

The 1971 hit invites the listener to consider a world without religion, borders or possessions. Our “Imagine” sundae pays humble tribute to the boldness of this request -- as well as the distinct cultural influences that made the song a global hit.

This juicy and creamy sundae is fashioned in shades of grey, to reference the arresting black and white images from the “Bed-In for Peace” events that John and Yoko held to protest the Vietnam War.

Crunchy black rice and sesame granola recalls a textural metaphor for the hippie movement, while black sesame ice cream pays homage to Yoko Ono’s Japanese heritage.

White chocolate dove feathers symbolize the desire for peace that Lennon sings about so earnestly. Pavlova meringue clouds recall Yoko’s “Cloud Piece” poem, while grapefruit segments recall her “Grapefruit” book -- both works directly inspired the sentiment behind this iconic song.


Join us this weekend, June 16 + 17, and treat yourself to one of these beautiful sundaes, full of delicate textures and flavours.