I Want You Back!

“I Want You Back” - Jackson 5 - Soul - 1969

Don’t you hate it when you get rid of something, only to realize you two made a heck of a team?

You. Our famous Mango Bubble Tea Sundae. What a pair!

In the three years since we first introduced this cult favourite to our menu, we keep hearing the same thing: “I Want You Back.”

The wise-beyond-his-years Michael Jackson -- who was 11 at the time -- sang it best. “Oh baby! I was blind to let you go.”

Our “I Want You Back” sundae pays tribute to the Jackson 5 hit of the same name … and to your overwhelming requests for more mango bubble tea. Much like the infectiously bubbly soul smash, this sundae is pure poppy fun.

The “I Want You Back” sundae features light, fresh and fruity textures; as well as festive visuals like crispy Japanese milk toast and bright orange chunks of fresh mango. It’s built on a base of delicious Hong Kong-style milk tea ice cream and finished with the satisfying chew of bubble tea pearls -- which are best enjoyed through the iconic bubble tea straw.


Join us this weekend, June 9 + 10, and treat yourself to one of our favourite (and most popular) sundaes ever!