White Rabbit

“White Rabbit” - 1967 - Psychedelic Rock

Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 hit “White Rabbit” is pure psychedelia.

Singer/songwriter Grace Slick wrote it after dropping acid. Drugs weren’t her only lyrical inspiration -- she also makes very detailed references to “Alice in Wonderland.”

Why? Slick said she wanted parents to understand that when they read their kids stories like that, it’s no wonder they try drugs.

Innocent children’s book or sinister LSD-promoting bedtime story? Our “White Rabbit” sundae plays with that duality, where things may not be quite what they seem.

A monochromatic study in all white -- this sundae features opposing textures and unexpected aesthetics.  

The psychedelic movement had spiritual ties to Asian culture and religion. Fittingly, this sundae features pandan, fried glass noodles and Vietnamese coffee -- distinctive flavors loved in the East, but not yet commonplace here.


Join us this weekend, June 2 + 3, as we embark on a psychedelic flavour 'trip' together...