That's The Way (I Like It)

“That’s the Way (I Like It)” - KC & The Sunshine Band - Disco - 1975

The 1975 disco staple “That’s the Way (I Like It)” is simple and triumphant. The lyrics are practically primal -- there are 84 “uh-huh!”s in the span of three minutes. It’s a song that perfectly captures a generation’s desire to dance, party and feel good. The whole world had Saturday Night Fever, and nobody knew how -- or wanted -- to be cured.

That’s the spirit we had in mind for our sundae named after the KC & The Sunshine Band hit. One bite will take you back to the frisky fun of the Studio 54 days. This sundae is every bit as glittery and glamorous as a disco ball.

The “That’s the Way” sundae starts with a base of orange sherbet, as an homage to the fact that KC & The Sunshine Band are from Florida. Mint bubbles and mirrored chocolate shards create a bright, colourful and refreshing vibe.

Hints of raspberry, tequila sunrise-soaked baba and champagne jello lend the sundae an irresistibly light and juicy feel. They also provide an ombre visual that recalls the sunrise -- either the Tequila Sunrise many were drinking, or the daybreak that many were seeing after a raucous night.


Join us this weekend, June 30 + July 1, and indulge in one of these light, fruity and refreshing ice cream sundaes! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANADA!