London Calling

“London Calling” - The Clash - Punk - 1979

During the chaos of World War II, the BBC World Service opened its radio broadcasts in occupied countries with the unassuming phrase “London Calling.”

That feeling of “Keep Calm and Carry On” -- as contrasted with the rising dissatisfaction of a new class of politically active youth -- is exactly the dynamic that The Clash captures in its 1979 hit “London Calling.”

A sense of shock, a wave of non-conformity and a heavy distrust of the monarchy are at the center of the iconic song -- as well as at the heart of this sundae.

To begin, it’s built on a base of classic tastes, textures and visuals from the U.K. But mixed in, you’ll find hints of the shocking and aggressive visual language of the punk rock scene: like the mohawks and leather jackets preferred by the music genre’s fanbase.

Earl Grey ice cream engages in a dialogue with blackcurrant ripple ice cream. Cocoa nib chantilly adorns black currant scones. To top it all off, a leather jacket chocolate shard shares space with a chocolate mohawk -- proving that dissent can be delicious.


Join us this weekend, July 7 + July 8, and treat yourself to one of these Brit punk sundaes!