Trademark Chocolates get their Spring/Summer Rejuvenation!

With warmer weather on the horizon, our award-winning Trademark Chocolates are getting an update for the spring. We’ll be swapping out the Tobacco, Imperial Stout, Fisherman’s Friend and Bay Leaf chocolates, for four brand new creations inspired by a selection of classic cocktails.

The Mint Julep is a bourbon based cocktail and official drink of the Kentucky Derby, also known as the Run for the Roses. The Derby is more than just a horse race - it’s one of the most important dates on the social calendar in the southern US. Attendants are dressed to the nines and ladies are adorned in fabulous floral fascinators; the inspiration for the finishing look on each chocolate. The most patio-friendly cocktail of our four new chocolates, our Mint Julep is perfect for enjoying during the warm summer months with a refreshing pop of fresh-from-the-garden mint, brown sugar and bourbon.  

white chocolate + fresh mint ganache | muscovado chocolate + bourbon ganache

Get your summer dinner party started on the right foot with a batch of Negronis to share with friends. The Negroni is a classic aperitif - said to have first been made in Florence in 1919 - that blends gin with bitter campari and balanced with a slightly sweet vermouth. Light and refreshing, the Negroni will stimulate your taste buds and get your mouth watering for the meal that’s to come. Bite into the Florentine sunset where you’ll be met with a delicately sweet and creamy ganache with hints of orange and grapefruit.

white chocolate + campari + bittersweet vermouth

Prepare for a night out on the town, and mix up The Greenpoint - a close cousin of the Manhattan, named after the traditionally working class Brooklyn neighbourhood of Greenpoint. While the classic Manhattan combines rye whisky, vermouth and aromatic bitters, the Greenpoint is differentiated by the addition of yellow chartreuse which imparts a subtle green hue to the drink and a complex herbaceous background. This chocolate was inspired by New York, ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of (the) streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you…’

white chocolate + yellow chartreuse ganache | 66% dark chocolate + rye whisky ganache

Thought to be one of the original American cocktail recipes, the Sazerac can be traced back to pre-Civil War New Orleans and has come to be seen as symbolic of the city. Originally a cognac-based cocktail, the Sazerac is unique in that the glass it is served in is rinsed with a wash of absinthe and finished with Peychaud’s bitters - another New Orleans creation. The subtle hints of licorice from the absinthe accent a smooth French brandy in this dark chocolate ganache. Channel the Mardi Gras vibes while enjoying this unique chocolate.

66% dark chocolate + brandy + absinthe + peychaud’s bitters

These exciting new chocolates will officially join our Trademark Collection on Saturday, April 21, so there’s still time to pick up your current favourites before they go on hiatus. In addition to joining our Trademark Collection, these cocktail-inspired creations will also be available as part of a Cocktail Collection - the perfect treat for the cocktail lover in your life.