#BETA5Easter x Cream Puffs

This Easter we look forward to the arrival of spring, as the lush greenery comes to life, flowers start to bloom and fluffy little critters begin waking from their long winter naps - inspiring this year’s Easter cream puffs.

Easter wouldn’t be the same without bunnies, and we’ve caught one burrowing its little self into our peanut butter cup cream puff. With a creamy peanut butter mousse and hints of banana, paired with a light milk chocolate mousse - no wonder this little bunny has jumped right in leaving its fluffy tail and little feet exposed!

Our second featured cream puff is inspired by a classic springtime dessert, strawberry cheesecake. With a light cream cheese parfait and fruity strawberry mousse centre, topped with a strawberry in a bed of caramelized white chocolate and graham cracker crumbs, it’s a great reminder that spring is almost here.

Peanut Butter Bunny
peanut butter banana mousse | milk chocolate mousse

Strawberry Patch
strawberry mousse | cream cheese parfait | strawberry-almond egg | graham cracker crumb | caramelized white chocolate

available in our shop until Sunday, April 1st. Reserve yours for Easter weekend by calling our shop (604.669.3336) or place your orders through our web store today!