#BETA5Easter x Mini Eggs

This year’s Easter collection is inspired by the pops of colours that are indicative of the coming of spring -  bright yellow sun, light blue skies, lush green fields with pink and purple flowers blooming.

Our mini Easter eggs are available in a variety of flavours, all encased in a 66% dark chocolate eggshell. We’ve brought back one of our most popular Easter flavours and introduced two brand new ones!

Peanut butter is fan favourite, featuring a smooth peanut butter filling studded with pops of flaked sea salt, for a bite sized peanut butter cup that can easily be gobbled up by the dozen. Our two new flavours offer up a fruity option and a nut-free variation. The strawberry-almond is made with organic almond butter and bright strawberry jelly that pops as you bite in, and our coconut meltaway is made with organic coconut oil combined with our 66% dark chocolate for a creamy texture that slowly melts in your mouth.

Our mini Easter eggs are great for sharing with family and friends, and they’re vegan too!

Pick up a bag of each for your Easter celebrations this year, and don’t forget to set aside a few for your personal stash, because the Easter bunny deserves a treat too!


Peanut Butter Mini Egg
organic peanut butter | flaked sea salt | 66% dark chocolate


Strawberry Almond Mini Egg
organic almond butter | strawberry jelly | 66% dark chocolate


Coconut Meltaway Mini Egg
organic coconut oil | 66% dark chocolate

available in store and on our web store now!