“The Message” - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - Hip Hop - 1982

“The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five is just as groundbreaking as its title suggests.

Its opening synthesizer riff has been sampled so often that the song is considered an anthem. Its -- well, message -- was so powerful that critics regard the track as being the song that singlehandedly made emcees the stars of the hip hop world. “The Message” made its announcement loud and clear: Move over, DJs -- rappers have stolen the spotlight.

Our sundae honors all the unique elements of this truly iconic tune. The song lyrics describe the frenzy of a summer heat wave and the chaos of New York’s hectic streets. Our sundae references the iced tea you reach for to cool down, as well as the juicy peaches that mark the peak of summer.

In the ‘80s, a hard life of hustling by the Hudson was filled with graffiti, brick walls and boom boxes. This sundae’s Speculoos cookie pieces, sponge toffee bits and chocolate records recall those unique details.


Join us this weekend, July 28 + July 20 to enjoy this refreshing sundae!