Don’t Stop Believing

“Don’t Stop Believing” - Journey - Power Ballad - 1981

With one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable opening riffs in the history of music, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” lives on for the current generation as a pop culture staple and a reliable karaoke hit.

Its message is as inspiring today as it was upon the song’s release 27 years ago. Its detailed imagery is just as evocative no matter how many times the tune is played. Who doesn’t smell wine and cheap perfume as singer Steve Perry belts out the story of a dive bar love affair for the ages?

Our “Don’t Stop Believin’” sundae is a loving homage to the romance of the song. Featuring juicy fruits like strawberry, lychee, raspberry and plum; as well as elderflower jello and vanilla diamond cookies -- this sundae is as bright and playful as the power ballad it’s named for.

One thing you may not have noticed about this song: Its chorus is only sung one time, and it begins when there’s only 0:50 remaining on the track.

Just like that chorus, and like so many beautiful things about summer -- this sundae is here for a limited time only. Miss it at your own peril.


Join us this weekend, August 4 + August 5 to enjoy this refreshing sundae!