I Melt With You

“I Melt With You” - Modern English - New Wave - 1982

A symphony of sweet sentiments amidst jarring circumstances, Modern English’s “I Melt With You” is a song about a couple making love while an atomic bomb drops.

Our sundae inspired by the track plays with the idea of distinct ingredients “melting” into a whole that’s greater than its parts.

Featuring dreamy visuals like mixed berry meringues and lime chiffon cake, this light and juicy sundae is a dreamy, creamy celebration of love. The acidity of its lime sherbet balances the sweetness of its mixed berry sorbet base to create a refreshing flavour pairing.

While songwriter and lead singer Robbie Grey said “I Melt With You” was about the “good and bad in people,” our sundae by the same name is pure good -- with colours and tastes that blend beautifully together.


Join us this weekend, July 21 + July 22 to enjoy this refreshing sundae and save yourself from melting in the summer heat!