Staring at the Sun

“Staring at the Sun” - TV on the Radio - SXSW - Indie Rock - 2004

What is the relationship between our physical existence and our spiritual self?

Great artists like the 13th Century Persian poet Rumi and the 2000s indie rock band TV on the Radio have wrestled with this timeless question. We humbly do the same with our “Staring at the Sun” ice cream sundae, inspired by the 2004 TV on the Radio song of the same name -- which was itself inspired by the Rumi poem “No Room for Form.”

The song and poem address the idea of what it means to leave the physical world behind. Our sundae shares the same colour palette as the song’s music video -- with vibrant shades of rainbow colours (saffron and pistachio ice cream swirl, pomegranate sherbet and charcoal rose foam), black tones (chocolate garnish) and a sense of haziness over the entire thing (cotton candy tufts).

The sundae’s eye-catching visual element -- its golden zoolbia cookie -- pays homage both to Rumi’s Persian roots, as well as the shapelessness of transcendence.



Join us this weekend, September 22 + September 23 to enjoy this sundae! Preorders available here.