Poker Face

“Poker Face - Lady Gaga - Lollapalooza - Synth-Pop - 2008

Ten years ago, an iconic pop star burst onto the international scene.

With her 2008 breakout hit “Poker Face,” Lady Gaga addressed the big, taboo themes of bisexuality and duality -- all to an insanely catchy beat and an anthemic and timeless chorus. The “less serious” dance sound of the song belies its serious concept of a woman putting on an inscrutable face as she fantasizes about a woman during a romantic encounter with a man.

In her massive performance at Lollapalooza, Lady Gaga presented the key themes of her career: a dramatic/unsubtle way of presenting herself onstage, paired with subdued mannerisms in more intimate contexts. (She also identifies as bisexual, suggesting her own duality.)

Our “Poker Face” sundae is just like this larger-than-life artist and song: angular, glitzy, fashion-forward, avant garde. It features a familiar flavour combination reskinned to appear like something that it's not (coconut/lime/graham cracker); as well as a chocolate "disco stick" -- the trademark and iconic Gaga symbol. The chocolate “crown” suggests the act of hiding behind a facade of something other than your true self, while the black colour scheme evokes hints of glitz and glam.


Join us this weekend, September 29 + September 30 to enjoy this sundae! Preorders available here.