I'm Just a Kid

“I’m Just a Kid” - Simple Plan - Warped Tour - Pop-Punk  - 2002

“I’m Just a Kid,” from Simple Plan’s studio album debut, is a perfect encapsulation of the lyrics, sound and visuals of the Canadian pop-punk band: youthful, nostalgic and sugary sweet.

Simple Plan has played the Vans Warped Tour more than any other band, with 11 appearances from 1999 to 2018. The majority of attendees at Warped Tour are young adults, and the throwback tone and message of “I’m Just a Kid” lends a universal appeal to the song.

Our “I’m Just a Kid” sundae pays homage to Vans and skateboard culture with a checkerboard cookie, recalling the brand’s classic shoe pattern. The sundae has a theme of junk food and sugary cereals -- the preferred food choice of kids.

With crunchy Froot Loop cereal pieces, crisp and crumbly shortbread cookies and soft poached peaches, this sundae offers the variety of crunchy and interesting textures that you get when you enjoy a bowl of children’s cereal. Brightly hued Froot Loops also offer a visual reference to the colour profiles of the Warped Tour logo, as do swirls of raspberry caramel.



Join us this weekend, September 15 + September 16 to enjoy this sundae! Preorders available here.