Introducing our... SCRAMBLED EGGS!

This Easter, we take inspiration from longer, warmer, brighter days, and the colours that reappear as the seasons start to change.


Our show-stopping Scrambled Eggs are hand-painted in a rainbow of spring colours and cast in a unique polygon egg mold before being filled with an assortment of our mini chocolate eggs. These eggs make the perfect gift for the special little ones in your life, and are also great at brightening the day of a friend or family member who could use a little boost. The bright colours and playful designs are sure to put a smile on the lucky recipient’s face, and nobody can deny the thrill of cracking something open to reveal an interior filled with delicious treasures.

Whether you choose to open your Egg by gently tapping it with a spoon, prying it apart with a knife, or just SMASHING it to pieces, you’ll enjoy the 66% dark chocolate shell just as much as the Peanut Butter, Strawberry-Almond and Coconut Meltaway eggs hidden inside!

Not only are these Eggs beautiful and filled with tasty treats, each Scrambled Egg has a 1 in 10 chance of winning a prize! There are an assortment of prizes hidden randomly inside every batch of eggs we produce, and you could be the lucky winner of a box of four Cream Puffs, a pair of Polygon Bars, or a box of our Trademark Chocolates.

We know you won’t want to miss out on the satisfaction of smashing an egg yourself, so be sure grab an extra one for your stash. After all, the Easter Bunny deserves a treat too!

available starting Wednesday, March 7th - pre order yours here to share with your family and friends

*in store pick up only*