#Astrolygon Collection - Aries

Every year, we explore different flavours, themes, and techniques that are new to us. Our 2017 Retrospective Polygon Collection was inspired by the seasons, choosing colours and flavours that we felt strongly resonated with each month. Strawberries and cream for the spring, S’Mores for the summer, and caramel apples for the fall.

For 2018, we look to the stars for guidance and inspiration.

We’re excited to present the third bar in the Astrolygon Series: Aries, The Ram.

The first house of the zodiac, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars - the fiery god of war. Natural born leaders, an Aries can’t help but draw attention to themselves as they strut into the room with confidence and charisma. Our new Astrolygon bar showcases that charm and dynamic confidence to surprise and delight; using muscovado chocolate, tart cherries, and a secret blend of botanicals to create the tongue-popping flavour if a cherry cola. With the Ram in your life, just like with an Aries, there is never a dull moment.  

muscovado chocolate | freeze dried cherries | popping candy | botanicals