#BETA5Brunch - Italian Simplicity

This weekend we turn our focus to Italy, and a culture with intense passion for food. Revered for it’s simplistic beauty, Italian food is built around the quality and seasonality of ingredients. As we explore the traditional flavours of the Italian pasticceria, we invite you to join us to experience our interpretation of classics like tiramisu and sfogliatelle.

Citrus, ricotta, vanilla and espresso - a palette of classic flavours, perfectly suited to brunch. Sfogliatelle (sfohl-ya-TEL-le) and cornetti are longtime favourites of the Italian colazione and we’ve done our best to represent them in a traditional way - both just barely sweet with subtle notes of vanilla and a delicate citrus perfume. We’ve also transformed the dolce of tiramisu and torta della nonna into what we think should be essential brunch treats.

Order your brunch pastries by clicking here - assemble a box of your favorites, and pick up some extras to share with family and friends! These goodies are only available this weekend - Saturday March 3 and Sunday March 4 - so reserve yours today, before they disappear.

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Pane al Cioccolato Tiramisu / Tiramisu Chocolate Croissant

Pane al Cioccolato Tiramisu
mascarpone | espresso | marsala


Cornetti all Crema / Vanilla Cream Cornetti

Cornetti Alla Crema
citrus-scented pastry | vanilla


Sfogliatelle / Lobster Tails

ricotta | candied orange


Torta della Nonna / Grandmother's Cake

Torta Della Nonna
candied lemon | pine nuts