#BETA5Brunch Explores Middle Eastern Bazaars

At this weekend’s #BETA5Brunch, we explore Middle Eastern bazaars - referred to as the ‘beating heart’ of the city. Made up of intersecting streets and alleyways, filled with merchants selling specialty goods, including aromatic spices and delicious local sweets, they are an integral part of city life.

Join us as we uncover some of our favourite flavours that are synonymous with Middle Eastern treats.

We heard your feedback and are thrilled to announce that brunch reservations are now available online! You can begin reserving your favorite pastries as early as Tuesday, each week and remember, we’ve only got two more brunch weekends remaining after this week!

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Baklava Kouign Amann
walnuts | honey

Akbar Mashti Croissant
saffron croissant | rose water glaze | Iranian pistachios

Turkish Coffee Double Baked Croissant
coffee + cardamom frangipane | rose water turkish delight

Date Twists
medjool dates | ricotta | orange blossom honey glaze