#BETA5Brunch celebrates the Lunar New Year!

This weekend, we celebrate the coming of the Lunar New Year!

This holiday is loaded with events, activities and customary traditions - the highlight though, is the bounty of food shared between family and friends. This weekend, we’ll be reinterpreting nostalgic, childhood favourites and popular flavours that are synonymous with Lunar New Year celebrations.

Join us in welcoming the Lunar New Year with some of our favourite pastry picks!

We’re increasing our production AGAIN; more reservations and even more treats available for walk-ins! Give us a call (604.669.3336), to reserve your pack of four or come down to our shop early to make sure you get a taste of your favourite! Pastry treats will be available this weekend (Saturday, February 17th & Sunday, February 18th), starting at 10am till they run out!

Follow along on our social channels ( instagram / facebook ) for a behind the scenes look at what’s to come!


Pineapple Tart Double Baked Croissant
poached pineapple | almond | caramel ganache | pineapple chips

Coconut Cocktail Bun
coconut frangipane | toasted coconut

Dark Chocolate and Sesame Double Baked Croissant
sesame frangipane | dark chocolate | candied ginger | sesame snaps | ginger ganache

Mango Bubble Tea Knot
mango curd | milk tea cremeux | tapioca pearls