Strawberry Fields Forever

“Strawberry Fields Forever” - 1967 - British Invasion

The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” is an unabashed ode to nostalgia; John Lennon wrote it about a park near where he grew up.

What could be more British than John Lennon’s childhood home? Our “Strawberry Fields Forever” sundae pays tribute to the Anglophilia that swept North America in the 1960s, as The Beatles and other English bands contributed to the so-called British Invasion.

The “Strawberry Fields Forever” sundae honors the simple annual ritual of enjoying the first juicy strawberries of summer. Hints of rhubarb give this appealingly sweet treat a sophisticated edge, while tender fresh-baked biscuits suggest shortcake, Wimbledon snacks and high tea. A candied kataifi straw supplies a visual reference to a “field.”

Much like the evocative park that inspired Lennon, we bet this sundae will stick in your mind.


Join us this weekend, May 26 + 27, and treat yourself to one of our favorite late spring sundaes - packed full of fresh strawberry flavours!