Our Signature Collection is getting an update!

On Saturday October 21, we'll be releasing our updated Award-Winning Signature Chocolate Collection. As we enter our seventh year of business, we felt it was a good time to freshen up our chocolates, and make room for some new favourite flavours.

To make room for four exciting new creations, the following flavours are stepping aside for a while: Banana, Crispy Praline, Pear + Praline and Mokaya. Joining the party are...

Thai Mango // a fresh mango jelly paired with an aromatic thai green curry ganache that's flavoured with a house made green curry paste (basil, cilantro, lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime and coconut) - one of our favourite unexpected flavour combinations for a chocolate, inspired by a mind-blowing Thai Scone created by our friends at Craftsman + Wolves in San Francisco, CA

Matcha + Yuzu // a refreshing yuzu curd ganache paired with a slightly bitter matcha ganache - beautiful bright, fresh flavours

Sparkling Praline // a favourite from our holiday collections, we love this chocolate so much we had to make it a part of our signature collection - 55% almond, hazelnut and cocoa nib praline blended with our custom blended 46% milk chocolate and studded with popping candy

Tobacco // we use a 100% natural pipe tobacco to infuse a subtly sweet spicy-ness to this 64% dark chocolate ganache. Surprisingly, deeply fermented tobacco leaves can have a sweet chocolate-y aroma, which pairs beautifully with a 64% dark chocolate from Papua New Guinea that expresses many of the same flavour notes - this one's a surprisingly delicious combination. And a little bonus, this creation is one of our owner, Adam Chandler's, very first award-winning creations from back in 2007, which led to a European adventure that inspired him to go on and open BETA5.

Apart from these four new additions to the collection, the rest of our favourites will be staying the same, aside from a little makeover to their look.

Is one of your favourites leaving the collection? Be sure to grab a box before next Saturday to get one last taste before they disappear! Excited about the new look and new flavours? Join us over on Instagram for a chance to win a box by entering our contest!

Also of note next Saturday (October 21), we'll be giving our cream puff menu a bit of an update as well - so stop by this week to get your favourites before they're gone!

See you soon!