“No Rain” - Blind Melon - Woodstock - 1994

In ‘90s music, few characters are as memorable as the charmingly awkward tap-dancing bee girl from Blind Melon’s “No Rain” video.

Our “No Rain” sundae is a playful, colourful homage to that iconic song and video. It’s based on the idea that after the rain pours, the sky clears. The sundae features edible flowers and a chocolate bee, as well as honey to further the bee theme. It has a feminine look overall -- a reference to the fact that lead singer Shannon Hoon donned his girlfriend’s clothes and makeup for Blind Melon’s 1994 Woodstock performance.

In the climax of the song, Hoon repeats the word “Escape,” and the music video depicts the sense of the relief that comes when you find your tribe. We’ve included a pale blue chocolate shard to suggest blue skies, happiness and escape.

Our sundae is all about that wonderful feeling of getting away from people or things that rain on your parade.


Join us this weekend, August 18 + August 19 to enjoy this refreshing sundae! Preorders available here.