“Come As You Are” - Nirvana - Reading Festival - Grunge - 1992

“Take your time. Hurry up.”

That’s just one of the contradictions Kurt Cobain sings in Nirvana’s moody grunge single “Come As You Are.”

Our sundae by the same name celebrates that sense of contrasts. Visually, it’s a tug of war between black and white ingredients. Temperature-wise, hot fudge shares space with cold ice cream.

Despite its contradictions, “Come As You Are” is proudly straightforward -- wearing its non-conformist teen spirit like a badge of honor. We’ve included tasty graffiti shards in the sundae to symbolize that adolescent angst, as well peanut butter and cookies ‘n’ cream ice creams to reference the kind of junk food that teenagers love. The iconic black and yellow smiley face band logo ties it all together.

Our take on a classic hot fudge sundae - peanut butter and chocolate cookies ‘n cream ice creams, hot fudge sauce, chocolate donuts, peanut brittle, and vanilla chantilly.


Join us this weekend, August 11 + August 12 to enjoy this refreshing sundae! Preorders available here.