#beta5Brunch - A Taste of France

Join us this weekend - Saturday, January 27th & Sunday, January 28th, as we explore the different regions in France through our interpretation of classic french flavours. The pastries will evoke the flavours of Normandy with apples and calvados, and Provence with apricots and lavender along with a couple of classics.

Pick up a set of all four pastries, and head to your favourite spot where we’ll help transport you to a little pastry shop on the northern coast of France - bon appetit!

We had a great first weekend, sold out super quickly and heard your requests! We’re increasing our production this weekend and releasing a limited quantity each day for phone orders. Give us a call (604.669.3336) to reserve your pack. We’ll also have a limited amount of each product available each morning.   

Stay tuned on our social channels ( instagram / facebook ) for a sneak peek look at the what’s to come this weekend! Follow along and share your experience using the hashtag #beta5brunch


Pain au Chocolat
Valrhona 66% dark chocolate


Apple Almond Carré
apple | almond | Calvados


Apricot Lavender Croissant
poached apricots | lavender frangipane  


Pain au Raisin
rum raisin | vanilla creme