#Astrolygon Collection - Aquarius

Every year, we explore different flavours, themes, and techniques that are new to us. Our 2017  Retrospective Polygon Bar collection was inspired by the seasons, choosing colours and flavours that we felt strongly resonated with each month.. Strawberries and cream for the spring, S’Mores for the summer, and caramel apples for the fall.

For 2018, we look to the stars for guidance and inspiration.

We’re excited to present the first bar in the Astrolygon Series: Aquarius, The Waterbearer.

Aquarius, who’s inventiveness and originality inspires those around them, is our first limited edition polygon bar of the year. In true Aquarian form, our recipe showcases that inventive spirit, with kalamata figs, parmesan, and hints of toasted fennel. These unexpected flavours are perfectly balanced against the subtle acidity of red fruits and the freshness of green bananas present in Michel Cluizel’s 64% dark chocolate from the Maralumi plantation in Papua New Guinea. Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, is not afraid to present bold new ideas, and neither is this bar.

64% Maralumi Dark Chocolate | Kalamata Figs | Parmesan | Toasted Fennel