Spooky Halloween Treats

Pssssttt… did you hear?

We have some spooky friends joining the menu for a few days…

HALLOWEEN is almost here and in celebration of everyone’s favourite unearthly holiday, we’re dressing up our featured cream puffs!

Back by popular demand are the wicked green Witch and ghoulish Zombie Graves; and a new addition to this year's spook-tastic offerings, a ghastly Ghost!   

The Matcha Witch is wicked and green, full of tricks and a delicious treat... filled with creamy matcha custard, oozing with matcha jam and dressed in a green glaze. Equipped with their hat and broom, these wicked witches are ready to fly through the night casting spells on unsuspecting ticker-or-treaters

The Mint Chocolate Zombie Grave tastes delicious but it’s hiding something frightful inside… take a bite and you’ll find velvety dark chocolate cremeux and a refreshing mint custard, topped with scrumptious bits of aerated chocolate moss and gravel… and OH!...  a ZOMBIE is trying to crawl out! Better be careful or it’ll get your tongue!

Who’s hiding underneath the white veil, pretending to be a ghost?!

The Mango BOO-ble Tea has… come back from the dead!

These ghosts are filled with luscious mango curd, topped with a delicate milk tea mousse and dressed in a thin white veil. If you don’t eat them quick, they’ll disappear…

These special Halloween themed cream puffs will be available starting Saturday, October 27th until Halloween day on Wednesday, October 31st. After this, this week’s featured cream puffs will hang up their costumes until next year and return back to their regular outfits. 


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