Christmas in Paris - Holiday Collection

Introducing a holiday menu that evokes memories of winter in the City of Lights and the iconic Parisian treats that fill the holiday season with joy, pleasure, and delight. This holiday season, share the taste of Christmas in Paris with everyone on your list.



Many of our long-time customers will remember the Chocolate Union, our monthly subscription program. Every month, we created a custom menu of five new small-batch items, based around a common theme. One of our most popular monthly Chocolate Union boxes was Christmas in Paris.

We have re-created this Chocolate Union menu, which features hand-rolled truffles, chocolate-covered candied orange peels, mulled wine caramels, pâte de fruits, and crispy croissant chips coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

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Crèpe Suzette / Vin Chaud / Mont Blanc / Palet d'Argent / Sparkling Praline / Café Noir

Our handcrafted holiday chocolate collection pays homage to the traditional holiday flavours in Paris, and to the classic combination of white and black found in timeless Parisian bistros, old French films, and in the nighttime sky in the City of Lights.


light milk chocolate and chestnut mousse, mandarin jelly, vanilla custard

This new tasty snowman references the classic choux pastry ‘religieuse’ but with a twinkle of BETA5 humour and West Coast charm.



douglas fir custard, dark chocolate cremeux, spiced milk chocolate whipped ganache, pistachio sponge cake, dark chocolate mushroom

This new holiday éclair references a classic bûche de Noël, and is inspired by the fallen logs we hike past on north shore mountains.