cafe seating

(photo credit: michelle sproule, scout magazine)


BETA5 Chocolates

way back in 2011, we opened BETA5.

we had a teeny, tiny take-out shop attached to our chocolate kitchen.

there was a big window so customers could see how we made things, but there was no where for them to sit down and enjoy a sweet treat.

our loyal customers could often be found in the parking lot devouring a cream puff or taking a bite of a polygon bar.

fast forward to november 2019, when we expanded next door and opened a new cafe.

we added coffee to our line up, brought in seating so our customers could sit down and enjoy their sweet treats inside, installed display cases for our chocolates and cream puffs, and had art on the walls by acclaimed artist, Scott Sueme.

it was exciting. 

and then, COVID hit our community.

less than five months after opening our new cafe, we pivoted back to take-out only.

we tucked our stools away and shut down our coffee program, while we enhanced our online ordering system and even added a delivery van to help us get through pandemic and stay connected to our loyal customers.

we served customers from our bay door, and then slowly over time, allowed everyone back inside.

and now, 105 weeks later (!!!), after working through COVID restrictions and staffing shortages experienced across our industry, we are happy to announce that as of march 23, 2022, indoor seating is back!

we couldn't be happier!

we invite you to join us for a coffee (roasted by House of Funk), a cream puff and some chocolate... inside!

thank you to everyone for sticking with us and hanging in there over the last two years of upheaval.

we are so grateful for your support, and we're excited to share all sorts of fun creations with you over the next few months!!

 we can't wait to see you soon. 


the BETA5 team