BETA5 X L'ABATTOIR for Mother's Day


We’ve teamed up with our friends at L’Abattoir - one of Canada’s best restaurants - to create a stunning box of chocolates for Mother's Day, inspired by some of their beloved flavour combinations.

L’Abattoir Chef and Owner, Lee Cooper, is known for his elevated French-inspired West Coast fare. Dining inside Cooper’s heritage brick and beam restaurant is a magical experience where understated elegance and exemplary service combine to create a special evening.

Working in collaboration with Chef Cooper and L’Abattoir Pastry Chef, Oliver Bernardino, we created six new chocolates inspired by their savoury and dessert menus. The result is a decadent and refined box of chocolates that we’ve called the CHEF’S MENU. Each chocolate showcases a flavour profile from one of their much-loved dishes:

beet / red berries / shiso
beet caramel / red berry + shiso ganache

quince / white wine
quince jelly / pinot gris ganache

pineapple / rum raisin / tonka bean
pineapple jelly / rum-soaked golden raisin / brown sugar + tonka bean ganache

riz au lait
passionfruit - vanilla caramel / coconut - pandan meltaway / caramelized puffed rice

coffee-infused caramelized white chocolate ganache, finished with a splash of brandy

millionaire's shortbread
salted caramel ganache / caramelized shortbread praline

The dishes at L’Abattoir are not only delicious, but beautifully composed. To match their quiet complexity and visual refinement, we took inspiration from some of our favourite orchids and built a colour palette and patterns that referenced the elegance found in these wonders of the natural world.

Taking it one step further, we drew inspiration from Botanical Gardens for our additional Mother’s Day treats, which will be released over the coming weeks. Each item pays homage to the beauty found within intriguing species in botanical gardens, and we’re excited to share these creations with you.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (May 14th). 'CHEF'S MENU' is a limited edition box of chocolate, and we suggest you order early. You can also stop by our cafe starting on Thursday, April 27th, to pick up a box.

If you’re looking to make this Mother’s Day extra special, then make a reservation for L'Abattoir's Mother’s Day Chef's Menu on Sunday, May 14th. Indulge in their Chef’s Menu, and receive a box of our collaborative chocolates as a take-away gift.