Island in the Sun



after a restful new year's break, we're stoked to introduce our new seasonal collection, Island in the Sun. this collection takes its inspiration from the big, winter waves that hit O'ahu's North Shore, the tropical fruit and the fusion of flavours found on the island, and the warm breezes that keep things feeling light and airy.

the name is a nod to Weezer's melodic 2001 hit song, an easy going anthem for days when the surf's up and livin's easy.

our hand-painted chocolate collection references the power of the ocean, with subtle details that convey movement and depth. At Ehukai Beach / Bonzai Pipeline, when the powerful winter waves hit the shallow reefs, the waves curl and form a tube. this is one of the most dangerous surf spots on the planet, and it's also the site of world's top surfing competitions, a place where legends are made. our new chocolate collection pays homage to big waves, and the tropical flavours found on the land.

this season's flavours are bold and intriguing and will excite your mind and your tastebuds. our thai mango chocolate has a soft mango jam paired with a white chocolate and aromatic thai green curry ganache. our banana muscovado chocolate has banana caramel infused with vanilla bean and is paired with a milk chocolate and muscovado sugar ganache. our coconut - lime, pineapple macadamia, and passionfruit - sesame chocolates complete our new seasonal collection.

our new seasonal cream puff collection will transport you to the tropical climate of the island. we have six new flavours that feature tropical fruits and nuts, and are garnished with playful elements: coconut, mojito, banana - tonka, passionfruit - sesame, pineapple - yogurt, and spiced mango.

images of iconic hawaiian beaches have often obstructed the struggles and realities of the people who live there. the Hawaiian sovereignty movement calls for self-determination, the  end of American militarization, and it has revealed the impact that tourism and development has on Native Hawaiians and their land. it is also a place that faces the challenges and changes brought on by climate change and extreme weather events. it is a place of beauty, resistance, and complexity.

we hope you will join us in celebrating big waves and tropical flavours.
our winter collection will be available from Jan 23 till April 30, 2016.