Farewell to the Chocolate Union

After creating 45 Chocolate Union menus (that's 226 unique products) over the course of 3.5 years, we have decided to shake up our creative process, and try something a little different.

On July 1st, we're releasing a new creative program. It will encompass our entire product range, meaning that you can look forward to seasonally-inspired and concept-driven cream puffs, chocolates, ice cream sandwiches, and more...

Every three months, we will release a new seasonal, concept-driven menu that features:

  • the best local produce we can get our hands on
  • a selection of premium ingredients
  • an array of the tastiest chocolates on the planet (sustainably-grown, directly-traded and crafted by master chocolate makers).

These seasonal, concept-driven menus will spark your imagination, excite your tastebuds, and will ensure that you can come back for seconds (and thirds), as the menu will run for three months.

So, get your tastebuds ready - there are new cream puffs, ice creams, and chocolates on the horizon.