September 8 + 9 // Girl Power

“Wannabe” - Spice Girls - Girl Power - 1996

Part tease, part come-on and all attitude, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls was a big and bold musical statement of purpose. It introduced the popular British girl group to the world -- five independent, lovable ladies who were totally unapologetic about who they were.

Our “Wannabe” sundae celebrates girl power, friendship and the beauty of being yourself. Just like the iconic group, it fuses multiple personalities and unique identities to create a whole that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Visually, the sundae screams ‘90s: with bold patterns, leopard print, glitter, sparkle and an in-your-face charm. It boasts unique flavours to represent the different girls -- ginger for the in-your-face Ginger Spice, Szechuan pepper for the aggressive Scary Spice, cinnamon for the bold Sporty Spice and star anise for Posh Spice, the centre of attention.

The result? A singular experience that’s as unified and memorable as that groundbreaking girl group.


ginger ice cream / cinnamon ice cream / vanilla chantilly / scechuan peppercorn apple compote / candied pecans / brown sugar pop tart / star anise leopard pop rock shards


Our GIRL POWER-inspired sundae will ONLY be available Saturday September 8 and Sunday September 9 from 1-5pm. Come out early to be sure you don't miss out or place a pre-order on this week's creation!