September 1 + 2 // Summer Jam

“Been Around the World” - Puff Daddy - Summer Jam - 1997

Exotic, decadent and regal -- that’s the best way to describe the one-of-a-kind music video for Puff Daddy’s 1997 hit “Been Around the World.” The 10-minute-long video -- much like the single -- is eclectic. The video depicts a high-octane Arabian adventure featuring a star-studded cast like Vivica A. Fox and Jennifer Lopez; the track itself weaves in samples from David Bowie and the English singer Lisa Stansfield.

Our sundae inspired by the song is similarly diverse, yet it hits all the high notes. In it, you’ll find honey, fig and cardamom flavours to recall the music video’s desert setting. Its chocolate mosaic tiles suggest the boldly patterned floors you’d find in a Moroccan palace, while its caramelized fig and white chocolate palm leaves playfully hint at the unique foliage of North Africa.  

Just like Puff Daddy’s signature ‘90s aesthetic, the sundae’s color scheme is largely white-on-white. Indeed, it was an era of boisterous decadence -- with jets, royalty, gold jewelry and flashy sunglasses. One bite of our “Been Around the World” sundae will immediately blast you back to the larger-than-life fun of the Bad Boy era.


fig leaf ice cream / sesame honey ice cream / cardamom saffron chantilly / honey / chebakia sesame cookie / brûléed fig / chocolate mosaic tiles + palm leaves


Our SUMMER JAM-inspired sundae will ONLY be available Saturday September 1 and Sunday September 2 from 1-5pm. Come out early to be sure you don't miss out or place a pre-order on this week's creation!