Cocktail Chocolate Collection

inspired by the Florentine sunset - the Negroni is a classic aperitif that blends gin with bitter campari and balanced with a slightly sweet vermouth for a light and refreshing chocolate with hints of orange and grapefruit
speckled with the colours of Mardi Gras - the Sazerac is a classic American cocktail with subtle hints of licorice from the absinthe, that accents a smooth French brandy   
a close cousin to the Manhattan - the Greenpoint is named after its founding neighbourhood in Brooklyn. Combining a classic Manhattan using rye whiskey, vermouth and aromatic bitters with the addition of yellow chartreuse that adds a subtle green hue
Mint Julep
the official drink of the Kentucky Derby - a Mint Julep is best enjoyed out on a patio with a refreshing pop of mint, brown sugar and bourbon  

12 pieces 

Best enjoyed within 2 weeks of delivery