August 25 + 26 // Boy Bands

“I Want it That Way” - Backstreet Boys - Boy Bands - 1999


Nothing says ‘90s quite like a quintet of undeniably talented, generically good looking guys singing catchy love songs with total earnestness.

Whether it was the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, New Kids on the Block or one of countless other groups in the genre, their songs and their vibe were “basic.” There’s nothing wrong with that -- there’s comfort in the familiar, and those groups elevated their format to the level of classic.

Why mess with a winning formula? That’s the motto we’ve taken for our “boy band” sundae, the “I Want it That Way.” Just like the 1999 smash hit it’s named after, this sundae is instantly recognizable and comfortingly familiar -- humbly conventional yet sneakily transcendent.

Based on a banana split -- that most iconic of frozen desserts -- this sundae has it all. Its strawberry sauce is the “heartthrob.” Its chocolate ice cream is the “bad boy.” Vanilla chantilly is its baby-faced shy member. Its crunchy nougatine is the “funny one.” And the banana is the glue that holds it all together.

Like any ‘90s boy band worth its salt, the “I Want it That Way” is always in perfect harmony.


66% ice cream / vanilla ice cream / strawberry sherbet / vanilla chantilly / chocolate sauce / butterscotch / strawberry compote / almond nougatine / "heart" cherry macaron


Our BOY BAND-inspired sundae will ONLY be available Saturday August 25 and Sunday August 26 from 1-5pm. Come out early to be sure you don't miss out or place a pre-order on this week's creation!