BETA5 Emergency Stash Box v.6


BETA5 Emergency Stash Box v.6

To help keep you stocked with treats to navigate the current pandemic, we've created an Emergency Stash Box that's packed with limited batch treats and popular items from the past little while.

This week's Stash Box is packed full of chocolate-y goodness! Perfect for every chocolate lover, but particularly those who aren't fans of lots of fruit with their favorite sweet treat.

Version 6 of our Emergency Stash Boxes will be available for pickup on Friday May 22 or Saturday May 23.

Stay tuned for a new box of treats dropping each week throughout this period of social distancing and restrictive measures to minimize the spread of this nasty virus. We're looking forward to getting creative and setting you up with delicious treats! Production will be limited each week, so be sure to act quickly so you don't miss out...

Emergency Stash Box v.6
dropping Friday May 22

1 x 'London Fog' Polygon Bar
(46% milk chocolate / white chocolate / earl grey tea / vanilla / digestive cookies)

1 x 'King of Spades' Polygon Bar
(66% dark chocolate / devil's food cake crumb / coffee-infused white chocolate)

1 x 'Hokey Pokey' Polygon Bar
(66% dark chocolate / sponge toffee / flaked sea salt)

1 x 5pc box of 'Peanut Caramel' Candy Bars
(salted chocolate caramel / roasted peanuts / malted nougat)

1 x 8pc pack of Almond - Pistachio Granola Clusters
(46% milk chocolate / 66% dark chocolate / almond-pistachio granola)