BETA5 Emergency Stash Box // JULY


BETA5 Emergency Stash Box // JULY

To help keep you stocked with treats, we've created an Emergency Stash Box that's packed with limited batch treats and popular items from the past little while.

We've packed this month's Stash Box full of some of our favourite treats, and included a couple of new creations to keep things exciting!

The July Stash Box will be available for pickup through the entire month. Boxes will be made fresh each week, so supplies are limited but we'll be restocking throughout the month.

Emergency Stash Box // JULY
dropping Friday July 3

1 x 'Waimea Bay' Polygon Bar 
(46% milk chocolate / macadamia / passionfruit / coconut)

1 x 'catch a wave.’ Polygon Bar 
(56% dark milk chocolate / ripple cut potato chips)

1 x 'Kyoto' Polygon Bar 
(white chocolate / matcha / sesame snap)

1 x 5pc box of 'Milk Tea' Candy Bars
(milk tea caramel / muscovado sugar nougat / crispy pearls / 46% milk chocolate)

1 x 125g pack of 'Hokey Pokey'
(sponge toffee coated in our 66% dark chocolate)