Trademark Chocolate Survival Bundle


Trademark Chocolate Survival Bundle

To help you survive the current crisis, and do your part to maintain social distance and stop the spread of COVID-19, we've partnered up our two favourite chocolate collections for your indulgence.

Our Award-Winning Trademark Collection is filled with a variety of our internationally recognized chocolates including the Whole Cherry, Yuzu-Matcha, Tropical Crunch and Tequila Sunrise. From classic combinations to outside the box creations, this collection has it all, including a Salted Chocolate Caramel.

But let's be honest - ONE Salted Chocolate Caramel is just a tease... an extra TWELVE is just what you need.

The Trademark Chocolate Survival Bundle includes...

1 x 12pc Trademark Chocolate Collection
1 x 12pc Salted Chocolate Caramels