Astrolygon Retrospective
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As inspiration for this year's Retrospective Polygon Bar Collection, we looked to the stars for guidance. We have crafted a unique collection of Astrolygon Bars full of interesting flavours and textures that we feel are representative of the personality traits typically associated with the 12 astrological signs.

The Waterbearer
64% dark / fig / parmesean / fennel

The Fish
white chocolate / pineapple / coconut

The Ram
muscovado chocolate / cherry / pop rocks / botanicals

The Bull 
milk chocolate / brown sugar cookie / macadamia nuts

The Twins 
dark chocolate / milk chocolate / blueberries / orange / thyme

The Crab
hazelnut milk chocolate / sable / hazelnuts

The Lion
strawberry / vanilla / chocolate

The Virgin
dark chocolate / cherries / pistachios / granola candied ginger / cocoa nibs / flaked sea salt

The Scales
Papua New Guinea 47% milk / Dominican Republic 72% dark

 The Archer
white chocolate / mango / matcha

The Scorpion
dark chocolate/ mexican chocolate / cocoa nibs

The Goat
milk chocolate / banana / peanut / smoked salt